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Macy & Cassie - Our Youngest Donors to Date!

Cassie and Macy are our youngest donors to date! Cassie, at the ripe old age of 2 started her reputation of being a life saver. “Never do harm” has been her motto, and that sticks even with bugs! Macy’s mom told of a time when Cassie was sleeping over and a spider was in their room. Macy woke her Dad up to get him to come catch and release the spider for Cassie.

Well, these girls have been doing bake sales for some time now with proceeds going to many of the wonderful animal rescue groups of our area. They had a big sale on May 7th and advertised their sale as usual. The girls have a great following and even some of their teachers come to buy their delectable goodies!

They proudly attended our first general meeting bringing a jar full of change and hope for our future. They beamed as they presented it to Sandy Caldwell and excitedly told the attendees of their love for animals. “Animals are so cool” was on their little donation jar.

We knew we had to give them a very special thank you, although they asked for nothing. These girls do it because they sincerely love and want to help. What better ambassadors for our future than young people like these?

At our volunteer meeting, we asked them to attend for a little surprise. We had made photo albums up for them and named one of our just recently saved kitties after each of them. They beamed with pride as we gave them their new buttons with the face of their kitty namesake that they helped to save. Best of all, we brought their namesakes along with a few of their closest 10 friends (we are swimming in kittens right now) and everyone enjoyed themselves.

These young animal lovers are our future – our future volunteers, our future fosters, and our future hope to help save homeless pets. Thanks Cassie and Macy for your love and generosity! You give all of us hope!
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