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Cody (NKA Guinness) is HOME!

Here's Guinness Welch! Guinness was rescued by a Hospice volunteer when he arrived on her doorstep Thanksgiving weekend. After checking with neighbors and the pound, having the lad scanned for a microchip, and doing everything else she could to find his owner, Michelle finally called Save Ohio Strays. She also spread the word at Hospice. I am also a Hospice volunteer. The nurses knew that I had recently lost a dog to old age. Would I be interested in a Golden mix? You bet! I already love and adore Murphy, my 7-year-old Golden, and knew that any dog with a dose of Golden inside would be wonderful. And Guinness certainly is!

Guinness has been with us since early December and has stolen our hearts. He is bright and clever and a very active companion for Murphy. He's been sharing the bed with Murph and me since the first week, learned his new name within days, and by the second week, would put himself in his crate when he heard me getting ready for work!

Dog school begins this Thursday. Then, if all goes according to plan, Guinness will be tested for Therapy Dog International certification so that he can really be a Hospice dog. He has already been for a visit to the Hospice of Medina County inpatient unit and was very well-behaved. I am anxious to have him certified so that he can actually visit patients.

Guinness has checked the clock and thinks that it's time for a bedtime "out," so I shall go open the door for him. (He's only one opposable thumb away from being able to do this himself!)

Thanks to SOS for placing this wonderful guy in my care!

Janet Welch

FINAL NOTE: Cody was a beautiful retriever mix who was very confused when I took him in. He was trying to tell me that this was not his home, and boy, was he right! Thanks Janet for saving a life and giving him such a loving home! SC
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