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Emaciated Elsie has a Happy Ending!

On a cold January night Elsie, a sweet momma dog, was left after hours at the shelter with her five puppies. She was emaciated and not producing much milk. Her five pups were put in the kennel next to her. The shelter staff thinks three of the pups were dead when they were dropped off since they were sprawled throughout the kennel, while the two surviving pups were in the box. Marvin and Mitchell were only 3 pounds and bow legged at 10 weeks of age. The Medina County Shelter immediately tried to find a place for her and the pups to go.

Once again our volunteers stepped up to the plate and put in motion getting her to the vet and then a foster home. Thank you to Patty Strohmenger and her family for opening their home on such short notice without hesitation. Elsie was so starved that she would not let anyone near her at first when she was eating, even her pups. She wasn’t housebroken, did not know how to play with toys and acted like she had never been in a house. With time and patience Patty was able to show her that the food would always be available, that people are good, and it only got better and better for her and her babies.

Today, Elsie is a happy healthy dog with a new look on life.
Her food issues have disappeared, she loves playing with toys,
knows house manners and is very obedient. She runs and
plays outside with a smile on her face. Marvin and Mitchell
are also healthy normal pups, they have gained weight and
the bowed legs from lack of nutrition, also has disappeared.
It is a miracle that each survived from this terrible ordeal with flying colors and can now enjoy the good life in their new forever homes. Thanks to you, miracles happen every day!
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