Charlie #210909-P6R: Male Dog
Charlie    Charlie    Charlie    Charlie    Charlie    Charlie    Charlie   
Charlie   ID: 210909-P6R   Gender: Male Dog
Available Available: 12/2/2022     Location: Location: In foster care

Breeds: German Shepherd Dog - Catahoula Leopard Dog Altered: Spayed/neutered: Yes
Color: Color: Black Age: Age: 2 years
Size: Size: Large Weight:
Charlie. Charles in Charge. Charlie Brown. Charlie is 56 pounds of curious puppy on stilts. He is a little over a year old (9-3-21). His mom is 50% German Shepherd and 50% Catahoula Leopard Dog. That means he loves to run fast and talk. He loves you and your dog, your food, your couch, toys, etc. It is a beautiful thing to watch him run. Charlie needs large 6’ high fenced in yard (with no cross bar in the middle to assist in escape) to enjoy his favorite pastime. You might need to bury some fencing too since he also a digger. Charlie loves to chase rabbits, birds, and squirrels across the yard. Charlie was adopted out from us as a puppy during Covid and returned when life went sideways. He is a nervous boy who needs to be slowly introduced to the outside world. He is smart and food motivated which makes training easy. He gets along with dogs who can handle his energy and is learning to live with an indoor cat. He lived with 2 kids but I would not recommend him around small children as he could easily plow them over. He is housebroken, crate trained and working on his commands. He is up-to-date on shots and has been neutered. His adoption fee is only $150. SOS does not have a shelter. Our animals are cared for in foster homes and the first step in our adoption process is to fill out an adoption application at the link on our website at: Save Ohio Strays does NOT claim or guarantee any breeds given in this description. These are best guess descriptions for breed. SOS NEVER ships pets and will not adopt out to a driving radius greater than 3 hours from Medina, Ohio.
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