Bleu #230515-K3: Male Cat
Bleu    Bleu    Bleu    Bleu    Bleu    Bleu   
Bleu   ID: 230515-K3   Gender: Male Cat
Available Available: 5/15/2023     Location: Location: In foster care

Breeds: Domestic Short Hair Altered: Spayed/neutered: Yes
Color: Color: Brown and Black Tiger Age: DOB: 5/15/2023
Size: Size: Medium Weight:
Bleu and Brodie are brown/black tigers who were born in May and have never been apart. Together they are adventurers who are curious, inquisitive and playful. They spend their days side by side playing, eating and sleeping together, although if there's a lap anywhere in sight, it will soon have a kitten on it. Otherwise, where there is one, there is the each others shadow. These two are purring machines! Sometimes you just look at them and they start purring, but if not, just touch them with a loving stroke and that will start up their purr machines. And they're both such a help at the computer! Bleu sits beside the monitor watching the cursor occasionally giving it a swat, while Brodie sits on her foster moms lap watching intently until she gets bored and snuggles down for a nap. We would love to see these two stay together because thats all they've ever known, but if you truly only wanted half the pair we could see how they'd do separately.... but why deny yourself the fun of having this dynamic duo for your own? They will bring you love and laughs for many years to come! Save Ohio Strays announces a HUGE promotion to help us find good forever homes for our overflow of too many beautiful kitties. We have some gorgeous kitties growing up in our foster care. We are offering for ANY kitty over six months old, a LOW adoption fee of just $12 in honor of the twelve days of Christmas! No expiration on this offer - good until our kitties all get homes! As always, we first require an application online at Help these sweeties have a very merry holiday in their new home
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