Rehoming your cat

Rehoming Your Cat Before you make the decision to relinquish your cat to someone else, please consider training as an option if behavior is the issue. Many undesirable behaviors are the result of lack of exercise or socialization or simply proper training. Talk to a professional if there is any chance of keeping your pet. If you must give up your pet, there are many resources available to help you. Please do not take your dog to an animal control facility, they are perpetually overcrowded and there is a less than 50 percent chance that your dog will make it out alive. Shelters are stressful, unhappy places for the animals that end up there and this is not an acceptable choice for a pet that you have loved and cared for. Chances are that your cat will spend several terrified, miserable days in a cage before being killed by a stranger. Save Ohio Strays does not have a facility and so we cannot take in animals but we will make every effort to assist you in placing your cat in a good and loving home should that become necessary. Here are some steps you can take to find a new home for your pet. **IMPORTANT: All pets must be altered before SOS can assist with placement. If you need help getting your dog spayed or neutered please e-mail us at [email protected] 1) Please e-mail us at [email protected] to see if there are any local rescuers who specialize in your cat’s breed (or primary breed if he or she is a mix). 2) Place an ad in the newspaper. For the Medina Gazette, Classified direct lines are 330-721-4020, 330-721-4022, and 330-721-4023. They have very reasonable price for rescue pet ads. Some tips for newspaper ads: ** DO NOT put “free to good home”. Ask for a donation; to many people, a free cat is a worthless cat and if a person cannot afford $50 for an adoption fee, chances are they can’t provide the other care that your animal might require. Donations can be made to SOS or any other animal charity of your choice. ** **Screen carefully. You can use a private version of SOS’s adoption application, simply email us at [email protected] What you want to check on is their vet reference. How have they taken care of their animals in the past? If they have never had pets before, find out why and get non-related personal references. If they rent, verify landlord approval. Always ask adopters to notify you or SOS if they are unable to keep their pet at any time in the future. Be honest with prospective adopters about your pet’s likes and dislikes, personality, and medical history but also keep in mind that certain undesirable behaviors are situational and can be remedied with training, exercise or socialization.** **Do not invite people to your home. When you have an interested party, it is best to take your pet to their home to see how he or she will react and to make sure that it is a good environment for your pet.** 3) We will list your pet on our Web site as well as on once you send pictures and a short bio as well as your contact information. E-mail to [email protected] or regular mail to SOS, P.O. Box 16, Wadsworth, OH 44282. This is a great resource and many animals are placed this way. 4) is a Web site with a wealth of useful information on placing your pet up for adoption, including telephone screening information, an adoption contract to use, and many other resources. 5) There are several shelters where your animal, especially if young and healthy, would stand a better chance of adoption than the county facility. Try these groups, however be warned that their capacity is limited and they may or may not have room for your pet. AlterPet 330-321-6243 Forgotten Animal Shelter 330-769-1323 Friends of Pets 330-864-7387

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