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Jane Burkey, a good friend to SOS and best friend of the Beylers, passed away suddenly this past fall. Not even 50 years old, her life was cut short by a complication in a kidney transplant. How do you make sense of losing such a precious, young life? The Jane’s Angel Fund is our answer. Steve, Jane’s husband, designated all memorial donations to go to SOS. THAT alone was over $1600. These funds are specifically designated for helping with extraordinary medical needs for some of our SOS fosters. WANNA HELP? Donate with a note to let us know you want it to go to the fund. Your donation may be TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

Save Ohio Strays In Memory of Jane Burkey
Marcia & Tim Widman, Diana Tyler, Myrl & Carey Moore, Bill & Dale Cox, Lucille Cotton, Donald & Denise Burkey, Julie Piazza-King, Tom & Cathy Batiuk, Lee & Jan Diedrick, Bob & Elaine Thompson, Mr. & Mrs. D. W. Donaldson, Linda Kotecki, Carolyn Giese, Marilyn Nielsen, Dennis & Stephenie Green, Robert Honney, Rose Harrison Zakowski, Keith & Nancy Worcester, Darlene & Jim Steigner, Mr. & Mrs. William Cox, Sean Killik, James & Sherry Rimstidt, Gerald & Jean Marie Matusik, Muriel Harrison, Kendra Lea Scholle, Theresa & Skip Beyler, Chris Matusik-Plas, Lucy Carney, Jacqueline Miller, Stephen Burkey, and Karen & Stephen Hickman

Memorials are one way we can help save a life when we lose a loved one! Turn Loss into Hope! To donate a memorial to Jane's Fund or other, click here for our Paypal Link!
Thank you for helping us to save more lives at this time of loss. Memorials are acknowledged when information is submitted so for any elaboration on memorials, please email us at [email protected] with details so we can send the family an acknowledgement and your special message.

Memorial donations of $500 or more not only get posted in our newsletters, but also online here!

In Loving Memory...2010 & 2011 Memorials

In Loving Memory...2012, 2013 & 2014 Memorials

In Loving Memory...2015 & 2016 Memorials

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