Facts on Spay/Neutering

Spaying/Neutering Your Pet

Every year Americans euthanize millions of companion animals (approximately 10,000 locally). Sadly, this is an accepted means of dealing with the problem of pet overpopulation in our society. Some of the contributors to this problem include:

* Animals that are purposefully bred by people who sell the animals to try to make money;

* Animals that are allowed to breed by people who want their pet to "have the experience" of having a litter, or who want their children to experience "the miracle of life";

* Fertile animals who are allowed to roam freely and breed. These animals will occupy the homes that could have belonged to the countless animals that are already born and are destined to be destroyed.

The Myths

* Spay/neuter can be harmful to your pet's health.

* You will be able to recover the cost of your animal by breeding it.

* Spaying or neutering will make your pet fat and lazy.

* Your pet is AKC-registered and should be bred.

The Facts

* Spaying reduces the discomfort females endure during heat periods. Neutering makes males less likely to roam or fight with other dogs, but it won't turn your dog into a wimp.

* Spaying eliminates the possibility of ovarian or uterine cancer and reduces the risk of mammary cancer. Neutering helps prevent testicular cancer.

* Breeding is very expensive. After you pay stud fees, veterinary fees, the cost of caring for a litter for at least eight weeks, and finding good homes for the litter, you will be lucky to break even.

* Overfeeding and not enough exercise make your pet fat and lazy--not spay/neuter.

* AKC registration simply means that your dog's lineage is known. It is not a guarantee that the animal is exceptional for its breed. * Twenty-five percent of animals in shelters are purebreds.

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