Business Plan Synopsis

Executive Summary Save Ohio Strays is a nonprofit corporation organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes of companion animal rescue, care and placement of those destined for premature euthanasia. We see an opportunity to give immediate help to the strays in Medina County and surrounding areas. We will rescue as many as possible destined for euthanasia. We will provide foster care, work with them and place them in loving homes. Central to this undertaking is the support of our foster home network. All the animals cared for in this network will be tested, inoculated and altered. The goal of SOS is to help every possible homeless pet destined for euthanasia that we can. This means working with other groups and individuals as well as helping to bring overpopulation to an end while raising community awareness and involvement. Most importantly, we will help ensure every placed pet is altered before going to its new forever home. All the work of the organization will be done with volunteers. We will have no paid employees. We will take a conservative approach on finances to keep the overhead as low as possible. Our aim is to use the majority of our funds for the care of the animals and remain fiscally solvent.

Organization Summary SOS is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes of companion animal rescue, care and placement of those destined for euthanasia. This corporation is not for the purpose of monetary profit and is committed to fiscal responsibility.

Services SOS will rescue and place in loving homes adoptable companion animals that are destined for euthanasia. We will promote spay and neuter to reduce pet overpopulation and educate the public regarding proper pet care. Our goal is to place 100 animals in loving permanent homes the first year of operation followed by 200 and 300 the second and third years. This goal is not only achievable, but also measurable.

Market Analysis Summary Approximately 5 million companion animals are euthanized in the United States each year because there is not enough room in shelters. Many of these animals would have made wonderful companions. Save Ohio Strays will target adoptable animals that are destined for euthanasia. These animals will be evaluated and if appropriate put in foster homes for adoption.

Strategy and Implementation Summary SOS will depend on adoption fees, fund raising events, donations and grants to fund the organization. Utilizing only volunteers, without paid staff will enable SOS to remain low cost. The life blood of the organization will be the foster homes and other volunteers.

Marketing Strategy SOS’s marketing strategy will be based on marketing ourselves to the public. The general public will be targeted for cash donations as well as donations of their time. Through advertising and presentations SOS will recruit potential volunteers and donors. We believe because of our emphasis on cost effective results and accountability, we will retain their support.

Web Plan Summary SOS has registered the domain name The website is up and running and will be the virtual business card and portfolio for the organization, as well as its online "home."

Management Summary The organization was founded by a group led by Sandy Caldwell. The group saw a need to rescue healthy adoptable companion animals destined for euthanasia. The founders are: • Sandy Caldwell • Judy Blueter • Dave and Diane Francis • Diane Lewin • John and Carol Ann Sakich. All the founders have at one time been officers, trustees and committee chairs for other animal rescue organizations. SOS will be managed by a board of directors. Composed of: • Sandy Caldwell, President, Executive Director • Teri Fodor, Vice President • Lisa Lowe, Secretary, Intake Director Our Treasurer is: Diane Lewin

Financial Plan The basis for our financial planning will be to look forward with conservative estimates for revenue and expenses. We are committed to consistent growth of our cash balances through prudent management of our expenses. We will finance growth solely through cash flow. Note the complete Business Plan is available by request. Call 440 567 3585 or email [email protected].

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