Memorials - 2010 & 2011

We would like the thank the following Families for their kind donations to SOS in lieu of flowers in loving memory of the following individuals.
In Loving Memory of Beth LoPresti
Bill Artman, Marisa & Matt McClung, Mike & Debbie Simon, Robert & Martha Brown, Patricia & Robert Keel, Mary & Todd Fleming, William Branzel, Becky & Vincent Pagura, Jon & Diane Fleming, Tim & Anita Pelton, Robert & Jane Riegger, Solutions Behavioral Healthcare Board, Kathryn & Brad Root, Donald & Cynthia Fuller, Medina County Art League, Giant Eagle #5839, Kenneth & Elizabeth Judkins, Ronald & Jill Linek, Elizabeth Fellhoelter, Colleen Norris, Patricia Robertson.
In Loving Memory of James Gary Metcalf
Pat Pander, Michael Eleo, Marisa Lee, Robert & Kathy Kennedy, Ronald & Dreama Smith, Richard Dickey, Ed & Dianne Just, Vicki & Homer Hamilton, Barbara Simkins, Frank & Debra Lingel, John & Julie Graham, George Harter, Ronald & Doris Whitt, Margaret Watson, Michael & Lucy Harvey, Bob & Betty Harder, Donald & Barbara Gilbert.

Save Ohio StraysIn Memory of Admiral Dewey  Admiral Dewey, our beloved Golden Retriever who died on March 17th, 2011, Saint Patrick's Day. We cannot express how much we miss our boy, who will live on in our hearts forever. Dewey was 11 and a half years young when he died in our family room, lying next to my husband, who was giving Dewey his favorite thing- morning "pets" following a walk. We did not become Dewey's full-time parents until he was two, when a neighbor called us at 4:00a.m. to say that her dog (whom we had been connecting with) was sick and that she would have to "put him down" unless we took him. Needless to say, our precious Dewey found a home with us, and our only regret is that this beautiful, sweet, loving companion is not still a part of our family. Our only consolation is to picture Dewey up in heaven running and playing with Bandit, Pixie, and Whiskers, our other dogs who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Karen & Dik Malott


 Save Ohio Strays

  In Memory of KD & Annie   Save Ohio Strays



Save Ohio StraysIn Memory of Sandy Kratzer Sandy and Denny Kratzer came to us a little over 3 years ago with the kind offer to foster. They thought it might be a good idea since they loved animals, but also love to travel. What a GIFT they have been! To date, we have saved 1740 lives, and they have fostered over 100 of those! The time and love they put into their babies has truly helped us save many more lives. Sandy was living with COPD and lost her battle this spring (2011). She was a loving mother and wife who made a difference in so many feline lives. Her presence and special touch will be truly missed. Her husband Denny honors her memory by continuing to foster the babies! The family also kindly dedicated her memorial to us...resulting in over $1,000! We know Sandy is smiling, and we smile to know she not only continues to make a difference down here on earth, but also is the one bottle feeding a baby kitten up in Heaven who crossed the bridge too early!

In Memory of Sandy Kratzer Sharon & Joe Wilson, Amy Yejo, David & Amy Kaser, Carol and Norman Clary, Sandra and Ronald Barnosky, Sue and Jerry Brewer, Marcia Davis, David & Barbara Cain, Frank Everett, Brenda Kay Dicarlo, Mark and Judy Welday, Ellen & Thomas Coleman, Mark and Judy Welday, Ronald & Mary Hollis, Richard & Mila Karm, Rosemary & Ralph Coon, Peggy Wright, Frances & Jeffrey Davis, John Dicarlo, Janice Koster, Kevin & Meleah Ries, Mary & Ed Soltis, Peg Davis, Tim & Laura Davis. 


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In Memory of Sherry Fodor Sherry Fodor has lived her life by example - loving all life. Always caring for others and making a difference. She loved ALL creatures and saved many through her life cut way too short. Her daughter, Teri Fodor, continues her mom's legacy of love and care by serving as VP of SOS. She has been with us since almost the first day and is such a gift! Sherry's memory was honored with over $1700 to date in donations! We know she like Sandy Kratzer is up in Heaven caring for all the sick and weak creatures in need. We love your soul Sherry!


In Memory of Sherry Fodor Christine Ruf, Sandra Behler, Gary Hetrick, Lynn Frantz, Julie Douglass, Christine Aguirre, Richard & Anne Wilkinson, Mark & Laura Klinect, Gerry Fruce Ziemba, Esther & Donald Wilkinson, Judith Fisher, Heather & Aaron Sallee, Keith & Janice Ruf, David & Ellen Ward, Mary Becker, Marilyn Seamon, James & Beth Nester, Esposito, Kathy & Fred James, Barbara Kiser, Mary Ellen Eulitt, Gary & Hollace Hallman, David & Sally Neikirk, Tammy & Dwight Foore, Linda Schmidt, Eleanor Failor, Richard & Pat Robertson, Edward & Debra Colbrun, Michelle & Mark Brown, Melanie & Thomas Condosta, Shawna Byrne, Murray & Susan Van Epp, Alan Mercurio, Charles & Jayne Coleman Jr., Ann Cole, Kenneth & Jana Richardson, Mary & Gregory Ward, Char Arthur

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