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Save Ohio StraysIn Memory of Sean.....

Please accept our donation in memory of our dear "grand dog" Sean Anderson.
Sean passed away Feb. 11, 2012. Sean was rescued by our daughter Jodi & son in law David 12 years ago. Sean was a border collie who was so smart, so loving and knew he had been "chosen"! In return he gave not only his "parents" so much love but all of us too! His loss is so heavy on our hearts! You never want those "fur kids" to leave us! Please use our donation to help the others like Sean, who deserve a loving home! Bless you as you continue to do your wonderful work!
Grandparents: Steve & Eileen Brubaker


Save Ohio StraysIn Memory of Will.....

Our families mourn the loss of a wonderful animal rescue supporter as well as Marine and all around good soul. Will Risebrook has been a volunteer and animal rescuer for years. Married to his beautiful bride of 60 years this year, Bev and Will were adopters and great supporters. Bev designated us as the memorial remembrance. We really wish it was not under these circumstances. RIP Will Risebrook. I have no doubt your Scotties and kittens are all there and welcomed you with kisses. You were one of a kind, and will be missed. Please keep his family in your prayers and thoughts. Sandy C.

In loving memory of Will Risebrook who loved all animals big and small
Nelson & Christine Schmidt, Nelson & Carol Schmidt Laverne Pfeifer, Jack & Irene Gerding Bob & Marilyn Groff, Wendy Nemcek Donna Kopina, Marge Morgan Loving wife Bev



Save Ohio Strays

In Memory of Carole Conti....

Thanks to Brian Lowe for a donation in memory of his grandmother, Carole Conti, a mother, grandmother and friend to many creatures (both 2 and 4 legged). She was a life-long animal lover. In addition to caring for her beloved kitties and grand-pets, she was quick to the "Like" button on Facebook for anyone supporting animal advocacy and animal loving.

In Memory of Marjorie Stone....

Save Ohio StraysIn memory of our
friend, Marjorie Stone, the following have donated to Save Ohio Strays. Marjorie’s wish was to love and help dogs. She sadly passed away on February 23, 2014. Her spirit lives on through her loving daughter, Mary Jo and their many beloved dogs.

In Loving Memory of Marjorie....

Co-workers of Mary Jo’s at the Babcock & Wilcox Company in Barberton, OH have donated in her mom’s honor. What a beautiful tribute to such a wonderful soul!
Terry Albright, Jayne Allshouse, Len Bossart, Linda Branist, Kathy Carper, Justin Chilinski, Carol Garner, Melody Indoe, Teri James, Jen Jordan, Dan Junker, Steve Kane, Bob Kronenberger, Wanda Marich, Duane Matheson, Donna Menendez, Leah Runyon, Matt Seifert, Reid Seifert, Janet Smith, Vic Smith, Jared Snyder, Crystal Villers, Dan Villers, Bruce Von Gunten, Mark Ward, Amy Wilt, Cindy Wilt, Matt Winter

Betty Young, James and Mary Jo Young, Betty and David Hooker, Pamela Sigman, John and Jean Wolf, Jean Bachmann, Jennifer Jordan, Amy and Cynthia Wilt, Linda Branist.

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